Wednesday, March 8, 2023

March: Meeting Announcement

Our next lace meeting will be held on 
Saturday, March 11, 2023.   
 9:00 a.m.

The Arts Federation (TAF)
Art Room
638 North St.
Lafayette, IN USA.

We welcome guests!   If you have met some of our members at one of our demonstrations, please feel free to join us.   Bring your latest project(s)!

Our topic will be diagonal finger weaving,
something similar to this image (which is a diagonal design finger weaving craft kit ), we will use fewer strands/loops on Saturday for our project.

(members see email for additional information).

Photograph below, Finger Weaving using five loops (from the last meeting):

For the next couple of meetings, we are going to acquaint ourselves with some of the period appropriate (Feast of the Hunters' Moon) fiber activities that people would see if they came into our homes (huts or tents). 

   As always please bring your show and share.  
Show what you’re currently making.  
Please share new purchases, books, gifts, tools, yarns or threads.  Share a class project.

Members, please check your email for details.

 Butterfly in photograph (top of post):

Pattern:  Life is Bliss Butterfly
derived by Antonia Lai c.Jan 2023 for #pickmeEndrucks Feb 2023

"Judith Connors published her adaptation of Eleonore Endrucks' edging pattern #32 in Talking Tatting May 2022.  This butterfly was extracted and tweaked from Judith's pattern for the Pick Me Feb2023 event in Endrucks 1920 Project Factbook group." 

More information plus pattern can be found:

Not familiar with the 1920 Endrucks Project?   

Link here: