Friday, May 11, 2018


Lafayette Lacemakers Meeting:

Just a reminder:  now we meet at the TCHA History Center at the NW corner
of Columbia  and 6th Streets in Lafayette (just 2 blocks south of the
TAF building where we used to meet).  

Last time I checked there was no
sign on the building but it is just across the street from the
Lafayette City Hall and Police Station that does have a sign.

On-street parking has no time limit on Saturdays but there is a
Farmers  Market in the morning just one block west of the History
Center so on-street parking may be hard to find.  

There is a parking
garage on 5th street just south of Columbia Street (one block west of
the TCHA History Center).

Enter the History Building on the east side, on the 6th Street
side where there are no stairs.