Monday, January 23, 2012

Newly IOLI sponsored website on "Ning"

The IOLI has sponsored
 the creation of new discussion groups 
for all forms of hand made lace".

Visit IOLI

This site is brand new and still in the process of being developed.   There are several individuals working on creating this website.  You do need to sign up for the website (free membership).  Once you are on the site- you can place photos of your lace on this site, ask questions, find resources, etc.     Check it out and check it often since it will  constantly have more information.    

Ning allows you to sign on  different groups such as "beginner bobbin lace"  "Collectors" or "Lace Historian" so there is a lot of information here.     
Please pass this information on to lace members in your groups and/or friends who may be too far away for lace lessons for beginners.    Please remember to check this website OFTEN, your questions and needs will help create a wonderful website for us all.

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