Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Indiana Lace Day 2015

 Tatting in progress by Diane, blogging at Lace-Lovin' Librarian.    
Please check out Diane's blog post:  Visiting the Lafayette Lacemakers.

Sue Anna, blogging at Sue Anna's blog, brought her tatted lanyard project.   She is using Patti Duff's beaded lanyard pattern.   Link HERE for information and pattern.   

 Mary's crochet - will be finished into a potholder.   Do you see the shimmer?  Lovely yarn with shimmers.

Kate's bobbin lace. 

 Elizabeth's bobbin lace (see newsletter for more information)
 Elizabeth's Lipton Slovak Bobbin Lace.
Perle Coton 

Don't you adore the embellished bobbins . . . beautiful on lace pillows...
Plain or spangled . . . the lace is created with care and skill of the lacemaker.

Until next lace day ---

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