Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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Announcement from 
The Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild:    

The Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild, of Spokane WA, is now accepting teacher applications for our 19th Annual Tatting Days and Workshop. Our theme for 2015 is “A Touch of Victorian Charm”, and the workshop will be held on April 17-18.

Have you:
        Designed a new and/or unique pattern or project?
        Developed a new technique or updated an old one?
        Updated an old pattern with modern techniques?
        Found a pattern or technique that you would like to share?
        Re-invented the wheel?
If yes, we are interested in hearing from you.

We are seeking a mix of creative projects and a variety of techniques for all
skill levels. The patterns do not need to relate to our theme, and may be
original, published, fun, funky innovative, quirky or unique.

Complete information is now available on our website at: www.shuttlebirds.com

Patti Duff
Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild

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